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Higashi Ryoke 1-11-3 Kawagushi City Saitamaken Japan


The late Chief Master Instructor Katsushi Iwabuchi
The Founder of Japan Karate Do Hakua-Kai
          His personal history

1935: Born in Iwate Prefecture.
        Met Karate Do in his childhood and performed practices.
1952: Came up to Tokyo to get employed.
1954: Became a pupil of Master Shinji Michihara, the president of Nihon Karate
           Do Kyoiku Kenkyu Kai at Setagaya Dojo at the age of twenty.
1963: Opened Dojo at Hikawa Jinja in Tokiwadai.
1964: Opened Dojo at Kami-Itabashi Dai-4 elementary school.
        Opened Dojo at Asaka SDF outstation.
        Opened Dojo at Nerima US military outstation.
1965: Opened Dojo at Kawaguchi City Shiwasuda middle school.
1966: Opened Dojo at Shimo-Akatsuka elementary school.
1967: Broke away from Master Michihara and set up Hakua-Kai.
        Came into action as Japan Karate Do Hakua-Kai around Kanto region.
          8th Dan Black Belt authorized by Japan Karate Do Hakua-Kai
1970: Set up an affiliated association in the USA.
1996: Set up an affiliated association in the Sri Lanka.
2006: Passed away on July 27 at the age of 72.


The President & Chief Instructor
Fukuda Hirotaka
* Born in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture on
    July 5, 1949
* 53 years of Karate career
* The Chief Instructor of Japan Karate Do Hakua Kai
* Vice President of Saitama Prefecture Karate Do Federation
* President of Kawaguchi Karate Do Federation
* Executiv Board member of Kawaguchi Amateur Sports Association
* 7th Dan Black Belt authorized by Japan Karate Do Hakua Kai
* 6th Dan Black Belt authorized by Japan Karatedo Federation
* Referee of Kumite authorized nationally
* Referee of Kata authorized in Kanto region
* Qualifier of 3rd grade Examiner of Japan Karatedo Federation
* Sports Coach of Karate Do

Origin of Hakua-Kai

Hakua means “white wall.”
You can color the white wall into various colors by making efforts individually.
Push and brace yourself in Karate Do to change your belt step by step from white to black.
But to whatever color your belt changes, its original color is white.
Keep in mind that it implies the warning that you should not forget your original intention.
Keep in mind that children do not grow up without parents.
That is why Iwabuchi Shihan named the association “Hakua Kai.”

Affirmation of Hakua-Kai

Esteem a spirit of reconciliation and cooperation.Make a start to glory with great possibilities.
Oh, Karate friends of ours!Draw out your natural endowments.And then build a brilliant reality.
Open up the future also.

Dojo Gokun

 Five Lessons at Dojo of Japan Karate Do Hakua Kai

             1. Karate Do itself is a philosophy of life.
               Burn with the desire for truth and preach against debauchery.
             1. You should value the proprieties and cultivate benevolence and modesty.  
             1. You should make efforts to bring your mind, energy and force together.
             1. You should cultivate an unbreakable spirit.
             1. Love balmy breeze and bright moon, improve your character and learn self-control

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Japan Karate Do Hakua-kai

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